Food, Fun, Love: Manchengo Chorizo Ragu

Impress your guests with something unique for your next dinner party! Our Eggplant with Manchengo Chorizo Ragu will certainly do the trick! Makes  10  rolls 2  Japanese  eggplants 1/2cup  of  beef  chorizo 1/2cup  grated  manchego  cheese  and  slices  to  serve  under  the  roll 2  tablespoons  fresh  mint,  chiffonade 10  blanched  chives 1/2cup  Vegetable  Marinade (see  […]

The Good Gracious! Events Summer Experience

  We are so excited to present our new pop up event for any and every celebration! Employee appreciation, new launches, retirement parties, holiday soirees, training sessions, cocktail receptions, project wrap up parties and of course, sporting events! You name the event and we will plan it!   B E N E F I T […]