Pauline’s Points: Location

Trying to decide where you will get married? Pauline has tips to help you make your decision! Keep reading below.
1. Now the fun begins where in the world will you get married?   Many considerations need to be established.
2. Where will your guests come from? Do you expect your guests to travel a distance and then have to pay all expenses to attend your wedding?
3. It is quite usual that the location of where the couple family lives is a good choice to get married as there is usually a fairly high percentage of family and friends in one area.
4. If you get married in a house of worship you need to take into consideration the distance to the reception location if the house of worship does not have a facility for a reception.
5. Again in a house of worship make sure the time available for you to get married that the reception venue can accommodate the reception immediately following the service so there is no waiting period between service and reception.
6. Can the reception area accommodate the number of guests you have with the flow and style you would like
7. If choosing an out door only venue always have a rain plan in place and allow for the extra costs that you will incur if you have to implement.
8. Check on curfew times at locations.   Many properties have curfew times between 10.00 – 11.00 p.m.
9. Although “off premise” venues have a lot of appeal because of there charm and beauty they can be as much as 45 percent more costly than say having your reception at country club or hotel because all equipment has to be brought in.
10. To have ceremony and reception at the same location can be cost effective.


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