Pauline’s Points: Beverage Edition


Don’t overlook the importance of putting thought into beverages for your event! Read below for Pauline’s ten points for making sure your event’s beverage service runs as smoothly as possible!

1. Always offer some sort of beverage refreshment when guests arrive as they usually have traveled and refreshment is always appreciated.




2. Establish if you would like to offer a full or wine and beer only bar service to your guests.  The cost is determined by the number of hours of service and by your brand selection.
3. The cost of table pouring of wine can be charged per person price or upon consumption.
4. If you have the opportunity to provide your own beverages please note that there are 5 glasses of wine per bottle and 20 servings of liquor in a 750 ml bottle.  
5. To determine your beverage quantities to purchase, the rule of thumb is your guests will consume one beverage per hour per person.   There are so many variables as to how much ice is needed but always allow more than less usually between 1 – 3 pounds per person.  Your caterer may help you determine quantities needed for your event at a small fee.
6. Make sure you have the necessary insurance liability coverage if you are providing the alcohol and those serving have coverage to serve alcohol.
7. If you have a full bar service you need to allow one bartender for every 75 guests.  A wine and beer bar only you need to allow for one bartender for 100 guests.
8. To relieve lines from the bar when beverage service initially opens is to have service staff tray pass wine or a specialty beverage.
9. When ordering glassware allow one glass per person for each hour of your bar service.  If you are having a plated dinner event then you will need to allow for glassware at table setting. This can be one water, one red and one white wine glass or just one water and one glass to accommodate red or white.     
10. Establish if you would like to serve champagne or sparkling wine for toasts. Also another consideration is your toasts can be done with guests using their existing beverage.  


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